World Equestrian Brands

Gabby has been lucky enough to be supported by WEB since her time at Kim’s, and is eternally grateful to owner Robin Moore for believing in and supporting the next generation of young professionals. Robin’s decades of experience as a saddle fitter are irreplaceable, and her interest in continuing education shows in our horses’ comfort and performance. WEB’s carefully selected product lines include Amerigo saddles, Vespucci strap goods, Mattes sheepskin pads, Equilibrium horse boots and therapy products, and Sergio Grasso riding boots.


Since the beginning of Gabby’s competitive career, one thing has been constant – her horses have always been fueled by Nutrena. Gabby’s approach to nutrition is simple; feed top quality, well rounded grain and the highest quality hay you can get. Nutrena’s decades of research and thoughtfulness in their product lines and production are evident in our horses’ condition and ability to perform.

Neue Schule– When it comes to bits for Gabby’s horses, her goal is to keep things simple and comfortable for the horses and work thoughtfully through any training problems she may have – not try to find an easy fix with a different bit. Neue Schule bits put the horses’ comfort and anatomy first, and the technology that goes into the metal and shape is the best Gabby has ever seen. Their product research and development is unparalleled, and their full range has something to suit every horse.

Charles Owen – It is so important to promote safety while riding and working around horses, and Charles Owen leads the field when it comes to improving technology and encouraging safer habits. Gabby wears her helmet for every ride, every time, as she has been taught to do since she was a young child. Kim Severson, who is a Charles Owen sponsored rider, as well as Gabby’s long time mentor and trainer has always set an example when it comes to helmet safety. Gabby is excited to be able to share her knowledge about helmet safety and encourage the next generation of riders to be safe and wear a helmet that is certified to the highest standards available, just as all of the helmets made by Charles Owen are.. it’s a no brainer!

Sound Hoof Conditioner – GDE is excited to welcome our newest sponsor, Sound Hoof Conditioner! Our farrier Jeremy Fox got us set up to keep our horses feet the best they can be, added bonus it smells SO fantastic! Contact us to find out where to get your own!